Privacy Policy

GCF's General Privacy Policy

Updated February 20, 2023

We, at Greenhills Christian Fellowship, Inc. (GCF) respect your right to privacy and confidentiality of personal information you provided to us. As we process the information you provide to us through our various collection channels, we commit to be faithful stewards of this information and treat it with utmost care and respect.

We are committed to following the general policies and procedures of the Data Privacy Act No. 10173 (“the Data Privacy Act”) and all related orders issued by the National Privacy Commission.

We collect your personal information to facilitate registration and endorsement to an existing Ministry/Growth Group in GCF and to keep accurate records for discipleship, ministry, and administrative purposes.

As a rule, we do not use your personal information in any way other than in the furtherance of GCF’s vision and mission as a Christian movement.

How We Process Personal Information

Only authorized staff or representatives of GCF will process personal information that you voluntarily submitted and only for the sole purpose for which it was collected. We have set in place the appropriate processes and technologies to safeguard your personal information, which we will store digitally on our own internal database. We will not process or disclose your personal information unless with your consent or for reasons provided by the relevant law and implementing rules and regulations under Philippine jurisdiction.

Who We Share Personal Information With​

We do not disclose or share your personal information to third parties without your consent, except when required by law or the appropriate government agencies, in accordance with relevant law and implementing rules and regulations under Philippine jurisdiction. We do not lease, sell, or exchange your personal information to any third parties.

How We Protect Personal Information

GCF takes reasonable precautions to protect the unauthorized disclosure, use, collection, and disposal of personal information. We have set up steps including the installation of organizational, physical and technological safeguards to ensure the security of personal and sensitive personal information we hold. We will take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify personal information if it is no longer needed for any purpose and dispose of such information in a manner compliant with law.

However, while we strive to protect your personal information, we cannot absolutely guarantee the complete security of the personal information that you provide to us, especially from attacks from third-party software from other websites or programs, such as but not limited to spyware, viruses, trojan, bugs, phishing, or adware, or due to your fault or negligence in the course of using our services. You must be aware of such risks and take the necessary precautions to safeguard your personal information. If you believe your personal information has been compromised or subject to a third party attack, you may contact our Data Privacy Officer through [email protected]

Accessing, Correcting, and Deleting Your Information

For personal information that we have about you, you may request the following:

  • Correction/Modification: You may edit some of your personal information for some of our systems or ask us to change, update, or fix your information in certain cases, including if it is inaccurate.
  • Object to, or Limit or Restrict, Use of Your Personal Information: You can ask us to stop using all or some of your personal information or to limit our use of it.
  • Right to Access and/or Take Your Personal Information: You can ask us for a copy of or disclosure concerning your personal information you provided to us.
  • Deletion: We delete your personal information if upon review of your engagement with us, it must no longer be kept based on a defined retention period. You may ask us to erase or delete all or some of your personal information. If you are a GCF Member and wish to continue as one but would like to delete your information, please know that some of your information will be retained in our services for us to continue our role to minister to you. This information is retained for five years but this retention period may be renewed should you reaffirm your membership through GCF Disciple-Making Support services. For non-members of GCF, we retain your data for 1 year subject to be reviewed before deletion. If you choose to modify or delete personal information and other associated accounts you may have with us, we will delete and purge your personal information we have stored in a way that is electronically irreversible. However, we may retain your personal information if we have a legal right or obligation to maintain the information or to meet regulatory requirements, resolve disputes, maintain security, prevent fraud and abuse, enforce our rights, or fulfill any other requests from you (for example, to opt-out of further messages or for a copy of your personal information).

To do so, please contact our Data Privacy Officer through [email protected].

Questions about our Privacy Policy

Questions or clarifications about our Privacy Policy may be forwarded to our Data Privacy Officer via email at [email protected].

Your Comments and Concerns

All feedback, comments, questions, requests for technical support and other communications relating to the Privacy Policy should be directed to [email protected]


In preparing this Privacy Policy, we referred to the provisions of the Data Privacy Act and its implementing rules and regulations and the Privacy Policy of the CCF Mobile App and YouVersion.