Life Journey

Grow in your Discipleship Journey

Discipleship is a lifelong journey of intentionally leading people from where they are toward a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to become increasingly like him.

When Jesus called out to Peter and Andrew, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19), we are not sure if the brothers were already “born again.” And when they started following Jesus, most likely they were not aware that Jesus was discipling them. This implies that the journey of discipleship begins even before conversion and happens even before the person becomes aware that he/she is being discipled. We do not dichotomize between evangelism and discipleship; evangelism is a function of discipleship.

The Life Journey Learning Resources is a set of supplementary materials that can complement other available resources out there. They cater to different stages of spiritual maturity, from learning about the gospel to leading others in their spiritual journey. By no means is the Life Journey Learning Resources exhaustive. You may tap into other appropriate or relevant materials. We will endeavor to build on what we have over time.

The Life Journey Online Resources are currently divided into the following:

Life Journey 1: Evangelism Encounters

These are learning resources for sharing Christ, the gospel, and your personal testimony to your Oikos so that they too can experience a right relationship with God.

Life Journey 2: Life's Spiritual Foundations

These are learning resources to help you assist believers in having the necessary foundation to grow in their relationship with Christ.

Life Journey 3: Life's Growth Essentials

These are some learning resources to help you assist fellow disciples of Christ in their continued growth towards spiritual maturity.

Life Journey 4: Life's Leadership Advance

These are learning resources to help you spur on fellow disciples of Christ to lead others towards spiritual maturity.