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Sunday Worship: 8 am, 10:30 am, 3 pm, 5 pm

Midweek Worship (Wednesday) : 7pm

Traditional Worship (Saturday) : 6pm

Youth Worship (Saturday) : 5pm


Ruby Corner Garnet Road

Ortigas Center

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About the Discipleship Ministry

The Discipleship Ministry aims to help individuals become followers of Jesus Christ and as a result transform GCF into a Disciple-Making church. It pursues the mandate given by the Lord Jesus Christ to make disciples (Matthew 28: 18 - 20). We want to see all members of the GCF community to be part of the LIFE Journey discipleship program in obedience to God's great commandment and great commission. It aims to move people from the Congregation to be Committed, and by God's grace to the Core Leadership. It involves four commitments:

  • Membership Commitment. It is the commitment to Christ and to a church body (Eph 2:19).
  • Maturity Commitment. It is a commitment to grow spiritually by being a part of different venues for disciple-making relationships - i.e. discipleship with a new believer, discipleship in the family, Sunday School for children, youth activities, Growth Groups and mentoring of leaders.
  • Ministry Commitment. It is a commitment to discovering and using one's God-given gifts (Spiritual Gifts), abilities and calling in serving God and others.
  • Missions Commitment. It is a commitment to spread the gospel to others (by word and by action) so that more are ushered into the Kingdom of God.

Contact Person

Pastor Emerson Manaloto Discipleship Ministry Pastor emer.manalotogcf.org.ph

The Discipleship Ministry aims to guide and equip each individual in a life-changing discipleship so that they will become effective witnesses for Jesus in knowing, loving and serving Him through the following ministries:


Provides assistance and guidance to visitors and individuals who desire to know Jesus Christ more and become members of GCF. It facilitates discipleship sessions and membership orientation through the Carelink Ministry. It ushers in new members of GCF to the discipleship and equipping program that they may grow in their spiritual life, know and exercise their spiritual gifts and learn how to study the Bible.

Contact Person

Pastor Eugene Geanga Assimilation Ministry Pastor eugene.geangagcf.org.ph

Pastoral Care & Counseling

Tasked to provide care and continuous equipping of believers in ministering to one another towards spiritual growth and wholeness. Vehicles used are: Visitation Teams, varied Support Groups & the Emmaus Road Counseling Center (ERCC). Send your requests for visitation, dedication service, funeral service and counselling to:

Contact Person

Pastor Sam Rendal Pastoral Care & Counseling Pastor sam.rendalgcf.org.ph

Children and Youth

Aims to guide and equip each individual in a lifetime-life changing discipleship so that they will become effective witnesses knowing, loving and serving the Lord through the following ministries:

Youth Ministry

Helps the youth find their identity and security in knowing Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior with the aim of reaching Christ-like maturity through discipleship, fellowship and leadership training.

Contact Person

Pastor JP Kabuhat Youth Ministry Pastor johnpaul.kabuhatgcf.org.ph

Blythe Dizon Ministry Assistant blythe.dizongcf.org.ph

Children's Ministry

Children from Pre-school to Grade 7 embark on a high adventure in learning God's Word in a fun and creative way. With teachers that are engaging and relational, the children are discipled so that they will grow in their relationship with God.

Contact Person

Teacher Angel Santos Children's Ministry Directress angel.santosgcf.org.ph

Jairah Endoso Ministry Assistant jairah.endosogcf.org.ph

Ministry to the GCF International Christian School

Faculty and students are discipled by teaching them how to worship God, study God's Word, serve God and serve the community.

Contact Person

Pastor Mark Del Rosario GCF International Christian School Pastor mark.delrosariogcf.org.ph

Growth Groups/Fellowship Group

A Growth Group is GCF's main discipleship venue in helping individuals GROW into maturing and multiplying disciples of Jesus Christ within the relational context of small groups. It is a voluntary, intentional gathering of five to twelve people who regularly meet together with the shared goal of fulfilling the basic tasks of the church.

In the Growth Group, we want members to GROW in:

G - God's Word (Growing in the study and application of God's Word.) R - Relationships (Growing in fellowship and in accountability.) O - Outreach (Growing in evangelism, missions and community outreach.) W - Worship (Growing in worship as a lifestyle by exercising the spiritual disciplines and by serving in the ministry.)

Fellowship Groups assist Growth Groups in helping them grow in relationships and in service. Fellowship Groups are composed of the Women Ministry (Joy Women, Real Grace), Ministry for Men (Seasoned Men of Faith, Brothers Keepers), Couples Who Care Ministry, Crossover Young Adult Ministry and Connect Call Center Ministry.

Contact Person

Pastor Emerson Manaloto Growth Groups Pastor emer.manalotogcf.org.ph

Mela Daniel Ministry Assistant mela.danielgcf.org.ph