Elders and Deacons Nominations 2023

As a church family, we once again submit ourselves — with much prayer, humility, and eagerness — to the process of discerning and affirming God’s calling on some of our men and women to serve as our elders or deacons/deaconesses in Greenhills Christian Fellowship.

The GCF Election Committee is pleased to announce the opening of nominations for the Board of Elders and Council of Deacons. There are 10 open positions for the Board of Elders and 9 open positions for the Council of Deacons. (These include seats that may be occupied by current elders and deacons who are eligible for a second term of three years.)

Church Elders are to willingly do the following:

  1. Look after the spiritual welfare of families and individual church members through prayers and visitations, among others, serving as good examples of faithful servant-leadership;
  2. To act as trustees of the doctrinal statement and by-laws, protecting the flock from anything that denies the gospel of Jesus Christ and/or undermines the unity of the church;
  3. Oversee the administration of ordinances;
  4. To act as a governing and policy-making body both in ministry and corporate matters;
  5. To oversee accomplishment of main ministry goals through the different main ministry core teams;
  6. To oversee support functions through the different support ministry teams;
  7. To oversee the process of calling or removing the Senior Pastor, and in consultation with the latter, oversee the process of removing or calling associate or assistant pastors;
  8. To implement or delegate administration of church discipline at the board, ministry and membership levels based on scripture and established policy and procedure;
  9. To adopt and implement policies for the establishment and support of church-plants or satellites, to monitor and sustain their progress towards achieving independent local church status.

Deacons and deaconesses shall primarily serve in support ministries and administrative matters of the church, such as:

  1. Receive, count, and record all church collections for turnover to the treasurer;
  2. Assist the church in financial matters such as raising money, budget preparation and monitoring;
  3. Assist in acquisition, use and maintenance of all church property;
  4. Assist the various main ministry core teams, sub-ministries, and working groups to determine their financial needs;
  5. Assist in the administration of the ordinances;
  6. Elect from among themselves individuals to serve in the ministry support teams and main ministry teams; and
  7. Overall, assist the church administrator and ministry support team heads/managers in support areas of finance, facilities and human resources.

GCF Annual Election Nomination Form

Note: Only Affirmed GCF Members in good standing may nominate.

Dear GCF Church Member,

Thank you for your interest in nominating a fellow GCF Church Member to potentially serve on our Board of Elders (BoE) or Council of Deacons (CoD).

In case you have not done so yet, please earnestly review the Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Elders and of the Council of Deacons as detailed above. We trust that you have prayerfully considered the person/s you are nominating vis-a-vis Scripture’s requirements for these church offices.

Before submitting this form, we would appreciate it if you could already reach out to your nominee/s regarding your intention to nominate them. After we receive this submission, we will get in touch with your nominee/s for the next steps (so please make sure that the contact details you provide are accurate).

Kindly provide the necessary information below and click submit at the end of this electronic form. You will be prompted towards the end if you would like to submit another nomination.

God bless you as you keep on knowing Christ and making Him known.

PRIVACY STATEMENT | Only authorized personnel have access to data you will submit. All the data received are classified as CONFIDENTIAL. Greenhills Christian Fellowship (GCF) will use these solely for Church Election purposes. Any re-transmission, copying, dissemination or other use of collected information by persons or entities other than the agreed intended use is prohibited.

Thank you for your contribution to the nomination process! Let us pray for God-glorifying church elections. May the Lord superintend this process of affirming His call on our church servant-leaders. For election-related queries, please email [email protected].