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Sunday Worship: 8 am, 10:30 am, 3 pm, 5:30 pm

Midweek Worship (Wednesday) : 7pm

Traditional Worship (Saturday) : 6pm

Youth Worship (Saturday) : 5pm


Ruby Corner Garnet Road

Ortigas Center

Pasig City

Philippines 1605


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Understanding Promises and "Unanswered" Prayers

Keeping a promise after 25 years is almost unbearable for us to imagine, much less actually go through. But when God finally allows the medically impossible to occur, you realize that the One who made the stars and the skies can bend the laws of nature whenever He wants, just to keep His word. We often struggle with understanding God’s promises, and in relation to that, seemingly unanswered prayers. But God is much more gracious, loving, giving, and protective of His children than we realize. Even Abraham and Sarah struggled badly awaiting the fulfillment of His promise. They probably sent numerous prayers to heaven for the promised son. But when he finally arrived, all the painful waiting and errors done while awaiting, seem suddenly forgotten in one glorious moment. Let us learn again about the character of God and the ways of our God in this narrative.