Worship Services

Sunday Worship: 8 am, 10:30 am, 3 pm, 5:30 pm

Midweek Worship (Wednesday) : 7pm

Traditional Worship (Saturday) : 6pm

Youth Worship (Saturday) : 5pm


Ruby Corner Garnet Road

Ortigas Center

Pasig City

Philippines 1605


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Jacob's Heathen Agenda

After fourteen years, Jacob had eleven sons. The only thing he doesn’t have is wealth. Laban made a killing all those years, but not Jacob. He has a large family now, and no means to support them. So he wants to return home, but was convinced to stay by Laban, who found him not just a source of cheap labor, but of God’s favor (v. 27). You may be working for a Laban. You might be tempted to fight fire with fire, give tit for tat. You, or people you love might be working in difficult situations (i.e. as OFWs or in civil service). Or you could be tempted to be Laban. This story tells us that God’s children are never forsaken by God, that even though they are under His discipline they are never outside His love. And that He loves them so much even unbelievers are blessed by their presence. In the unfolding of God’s sovereign plan, He makes all things work out for the good of believers, no matter how badly they are treated or how unworthy they are. This is clearly demonstrated by how God favors Jacob in the midst of continuous deception by Laban.